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93 reviews CanhDieuHotel in Ninh Binh

Canh Dieu Hotel

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Oct 27, 2013: "Pleasant stay in Ninh Binh"
Set 30, 2013: "Best hotel in South East Asia"
Set 25, 2013: "Friendly, attentive staff and clean rooms"

Trang un complexe éco-tourisme

Dangers & annoyances

Back in the bad old days, Ninh Binh used to be the hardest place to travel in Vietnam, then in the late 1990s things improved massively. More recently it has become the center of tour scams in Vietnam, so be sure to keep your antennae up. We have heard several substantiated reports of verbal aggression and physical violence towards tourists when deciding against a hotel room or tour. Stay calm and back away slowly or things could quickly flare up. Some Western women have been hassled by young men around town who follow them home, so it pays to hit the town in larger numbers. Walking alone in well-lit areas of the center is usually safe, but stays alert in the darker streets, particularly in the early hours of the morning. When getting from one part of town to the other at night, particularly from late-night spots, it is more sensible for solo women, and even men, to take a metered taxi or xe om.


The biggest scams in town are inextricably linked. The taxi and minibus mafia at the airport shuttle unwitting tourists to the wrong hotel. Invariably, the hotel has appropriated the name of another popular property and will then attempt to appropriate as much of your money as possible.
Gay men should be aware of a scam going on around the Train station . It starts with a friendly stranger approaching a foreigner and suggesting a night out. This leads to a karaoke bar and a private room for a few drinks and some songs. The bill arrives and it’s miraculously US$100 or more. The situation deteriorates from here and ends in extortion. Be careful and follow your instincts. Subtle variations on this theme involving Western men and local women have been going on for years, and few ‘victims’ think of it as a scam.

Travel agents

It's better if you book tour with the travel agents which your friends have good experience with. Never book any tour only because it's cheap. A prestige travel agent will inform clearly necessary information’s. Today, for one property, there are some fake website sell the same product but only one of them is the owner of that property. So you should check careful to make sure get the right information.

Taxi at the airport

Many customers catch the taxi when arrival by themselves. Some of them get the bad driver so they transfer them to other hotel. With some careful customers, they print the hotel address but the driver still has the way to treat them. This driver could contact with other man to wait near the hotel and inform that the hotel is full already and they will transfer you to other hotel that they can get commission. So make sure that you are inside the hotel before going any one.
The best way to solve this problem is that you order the pickup service directly with the hotel. Normally, it's not higher than taxi because they offer pick up by car to support the customers.